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Hearing on revised Mugar plan put off

Mugar site, Google EarthMugar: Most of it is the triangular tract west of Thorndike Field. / Google Earth

UPDATED, July 13: The continued Zoning Board of Appeals hearing for the proposed Thorndike Place project was set for Tuesday, July 13, at 7:30 p.m. via Zoom. Register here >> But it was postponed.

See the agenda >> 

The Arlington Land Trust reported July 13: "After consultation with the applicant, the town, and the board's consultants, the board will vote on a motion to continue the scheduled hearing to Tuesday, Aug. 3, to allow both the applicant and the board's peer review consultants time to fully review and revise the proposal discussed at the June 29 hearing. 

"The board will also vote on a motion to extend the public review period to Friday, Sept. 17, to allow for drafting and reviewing the revised draft decision."

Oaktree, the North Cambridge developer, presented additional revisions to its plan during the June 10 hearing. This plan included 124 rental units for senior independent living, with no assisted-living units, as proposed previously. See link below for summary of June 29 hearing.

Agenda documents for Thorndike Place >>

ZAt the conclusion of the last ZBA hearing, the timeline and future agenda were seemingly unclear.  Some of the ZBA members indicated they had sufficient information and wanted to establish a final timeline, while others, including members of the community, advocated for an extended timeframe to gather more details of the ever changing plans.  Also, to not wrap up during the summer and allow more public comment.

Chairman Christian Klein expressed appreciation for the insight from neighbors regarding their personal and professional experiences in senior housing.  More written comments/pictures certainly would be helpful, the Coalition to Pritect Mugar Wetland reported. 

Additional information has been requested by the ZBA from the Applicant and from the Housing Authority and Fire Department to address numerous parking, public health, and safety concerns raised by this type of specialized housing. As of July 10, only limited new information is available on the ZBA Thorndike Place website. or the July 13 agenda. 

Plan from ALT

ZBA, June 29, 2021: Steve Revilak's meeting summary

This news summary was published Saturday, July 10, 2021, and updated July 13, to note expected postponement.

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